Management,unlike leadership can lead to delusion.

Author Malcolm Glad well’s book The Tipping Point is about how an event or a product can go from the backburner to a point where it becomes the main thing even breaking the previous record.

That’s the tipping point. It is when for instance a disease becomes an epidemic. It is when a video on you tube goes viral, or when a pair of shoes moves from being insignificant to becoming the fashion statement of the year.

The hindrances of innovation as i, m pointing out are ignorance. That may sound pretty obvious but the reality is that the ignorant person does not have to be an illiterate. In fact some of the most schooled people happen to be most ignorant and many times in the very areas for which they where schooled.

This happens when a piece of knowledge becomes the standard not just for the schooled but also for many people. Failure to upgrade knowledge becomes the main stumbling block to progress. Thus the tipping point of knowledge that is not developed is ignorance.

A good maintain ace culture is to be desired for nations, organisations and even individuals. It is a positive thing but then there comes a point when that can become a weakness. It is the point when we are to busy preserving the relics of our past that we are not able to create the breakthroughs of the future.

This is the point at which we enter into a strong delusion. It is this delusion hat actually gets lot f dictators to the place they find themselves in. They think they are the best thing that ever happened to their people. That could have been so in the beginning but times change.

Delusions happen when realty in the head is behind the reality on the ground, while innovations occur when the reality in the head is ahead of the reality on the ground. Delusions give birth to laggards. Innovation gives birth to leaders. There is a third category. This is when the reality in the head is at par with the reality on the ground. This is the place of managers. They manage the status quo.

The goal of everyone should be to become leaders and this can only happen if you allow your mind to lead the way. You hold the title of manager but in you head, be a leader.

That is because leadership is a function and not a title. If you lead with you mind you will inspire people to follow and celebrate you. If you lead with your title you will intimidate people to follow you and they will tolerate you as they do so.

Yet the big word is management everyone aspires to be in management and the repeated use of the word reinforces the manager mind set in us until we make the transition of managers to leaderswewill relish in our strong maintain ace allure and fail to reach into the new world of possibilities. If the tipping point of knowledge is ignorance what is the tipping point of management. You got it right. Delusion!!!

By Dr. Wale Akinyemi.




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