There are million dollar Ideas around you every day.

Sometimes as i drive down different parts of the city where i live i can’t help but notice the vast variety of businesses. Many times i pause and think. That’s someone’s dream; that’s someone’s unique idea that’s someone’s million dollar opportunities and ideas around us every day.Infact, Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “God hides things by putting them near us”


The best opportunities and ideas are hidden near you. The Bible says The earth is full of the goodness of the Lord” (Ps33.5).You can see a thousand miracles around you every day or you can see nothing, Your big opportunity may be right where you are now.

There are no limits to your possibilities. At any moment you have more possibility than you can act upon too many people spend heir whole lives devoted to only solving problems and not recognizing opportunities.

There are always opportunities everywhere just as there always been “Earl nightingale said you are at this moment standing right in the middle of your own acres of diamonds. He also pointed out2wherever there is danger there lurks opportunity wherever there is opportunity there lurks danger. The two are inseperable.They go together.

A successful person “always has a number of projects planned, to which he los forward .any one of them could change the course of his life overnight. (Mark Caine)Opportunities? They are all around us. There are opportunities laying dormant everywhere waiting for the observant eye to discover. Look at the same thing as everyone else but see something different.

The stars are constantly shining but we often do to see them until dark hours. the same is true with is true what Pogo said “Gentlemen we re surrounded by insurmountable opportunities.

By John Mason.


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