The Audi Quattro S1 Rally (in Pikes Peak form) (1985)

The undriveable. In its S1 trim, which never really enjoyed that much success, the Quattro would develop more than 600bhp and become a living nightmare for the brave man (or woman, Michele Mouton did drive it) who tried to tame it.

As for spectators, it was the greatest thing in the world. The face in the cover of the Group B.

As for this Pikes Peak event, in Colorado:

“Audi sent Michèle Mouton to America, and in 1985 she set the fastest time ever recorded on the mountain. 1986 came, and Audi hired American racing driver Bobby Unser to drive. He won. The elusive 11 minute barrier was broken in 1987 by Walter Röhrl setting a new benchmark in 10:47.85 minutes in the 600-bhp quattro S1 prepared especially for this mountain race. — GBR


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