Psalms &Proverbs.


Prayer in one form or another is an integral part of every religion. The psalms of the Old testament are the prayers by which the Israelites brought before their God their troubles and fears, perplexities and frustrations, hopes and aspirations, as well as their joyful expressions of gratitude and praise. They contain the whole range of human emotions and moods, both sad and happy that every one of us experiences in different circumstances of our life. it is the ability to reflect the shared human condition that has given the psalms their universal appeal to people of all places and cultures as a means of approaching god in their own particular situation.


The Book of Proverbs gets its name from the first word of its Hebrew title;Mishile,a plural form of mashal .This word is usually translated as ‘proverb’  but in Hebrew it refers to a wider range of literary types than what we normally understand by proverb. The mashal can refer to an allegory, a simile, a riddle and very often it is an extended instruction.

The book is a collection of various kinds of wisdom sayings in poetic form. its main purpose is to give instructions to young people, but also to anyone who is interested in learning wisdom from the experience of generations of other people. The wisdom contained in this book covers every sphere of life and deals with both secular and religious truths as they touch the daily life of every human being. it is a book that should appeal to Africans because proverbs are still an important oral form of imparting wisdom and communicating effectively.





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