One of the most challenging and demanding aspects of creativity, has to be architecture.  

Either that or composing a 100-piece classical symphony. 

But since those are a dime in a dozen these days, let’s roll with this ridiculously impressive house by Luigi Rosselli Architects.  Now, I don’t and won’t post about houses much – but this one is different, because of where it’s situated and the aspects of it.  

Gordon’s bay is a tiny bay located in Sydney, Australia facing due-east directly out to the Pacific Ocean, perfect for snorkeling and if you’re lucky catching a wave or two.

Which is why I have to pay respect to this design, it adds what a well-designed house should add, a sense of etiquette and legitimacy to it’s location.  You know that in 20,30 even 40 years time, this will still look like it belongs. 

It never ceases to mesmerise when we are able to, out of completely nothing but ideas and inspiration, come up with new ways to build and design something that has been around since the birth of mankind – that in itself is impressive.  

If we all took complete pride and put well thought out ideas into what we do for a passion, I have a feeling that we’d have more respect for the things we take for granted.  

But then again – would this house really be worth discussing?


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