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Life: A Scot in Norway

Two versions of the same shot here.  I liked the lines of the stone walls here and the muted colours of early autumn, but I also thought it looked quite nice when converted to B&W…



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Relationships are difficult in Africa!

The Rider

As a pastor, I have to deal with a lot of relationship related problems. Take this past weekend as one example. We had a church camp, where a lot of us went camping with our caravans, some with tents, some staying in the chalets of the holiday resort.

But even here it pops out. Relationships between male and female just can be so tough!

For example: He really works hard to provide a home for her. I know, I know, my feminist friends will be up in arms again, maybe that is a sexistic oldfashioned way of looking at life. But this is Africa, and this is how it still works in some cultures. The responsibility to provide a home rests on his shoulders. He has to really dig deep, and work extremely hard, to get everything ready, before she will even look at him. He tries his utmost best…

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The Beginning


Sometimes words are too blunt. Even the most articulately rounded letters and phrases can leave you searching for the meaning whilst you read through the surrounding words.

So what do you do when you need to describe something that you want interpreted in more than this way? What do you do when you want to create something that can inspire and ignite passion in people in completely different ways by using the same story? Sometimes there just may not be that word, or enough words to describe an emotion. A story. A life.

kids_artwork23That’s why we have art. That’s why ancient sculptures are littered with stories sketched into the walls. We feel the need to tell a story, our story, and what better way then through the many forms of art we have at our disposal.

Art is universal. It is a language that is practiced all around the world…

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