Sydney Harbour at Night


Experience Life Instead of Solving it

Waking Spirals


“The mystery of life isn’t a problem to solve, but a reality to experience.”
― Frank Herbert


We humans tend to be problem-solving animals. For many of us, set a puzzle in front of us and we will work at it, if not consciously then somewhere in the back of our minds. When we don’t have problems to solve, we create them. We hear something that a friend or loved one says and we ask “Now what did they mean by that?” “How did that get there?” “Where did I put my glasses / phone / wallet?” “Why do hot dogs come in packages of eight while hot dog buns are packaged in sixes?” We ask the larger questions and to ask implies that there is an answer “How did I come to be here?” “How did everything else come to be here?” “How do I do this?”.

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