My Father Standing Behind Me

Daisy Patton

I’ve completed another painting for my series A Reconstructed Family Reunion. It’s titled My Father Standing Behind Me, and it’s 11″x14″, oil on panel. Perfect timing, since this will be included in the show I have coming up in Portland, OR this January; I needed to get this one done early enough that I have time to frame and varnish them all. Logistics! I’ve already mapped out the next two paintings I’ll be working on, which you can watch the progress unfold on my Twitter (@Daisy_Patton)….or my new Instagram account, @Daisy_Patton.

I’ve been sending out tons of orders for Pig Calendar 2014! They’re very cute, and I’ve sold half of them so far. If you’d like one of your very own, I wouldn’t wait–I won’t be reordering, so once they’re sold out, they’re sold out. You can find them on Etsy here.

Pig Calendar 2014 cover

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