Demonic Possession: Real Or Mental Illness?

CBS Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Is demonic possession real or the manifestation of mental illness?

In assisting priests in nearly 100 exorcisms, Adam Blai has become a true believer in good and evil, God and the devil.

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“If you’ve seen the things in the Gospels played out in front of you, it ceases to become faith. It’s knowledge,” says Blai.

Former Allegheny County commissioner Bob Cranmer says he shares that same knowledge. He says his home was possessed.

“I’ve seen it; I’ve seen crucifixes bent in half repeatedly. I’ve seen Rosary beads torn apart. That doesn’t happen,” said Cranmer. “That’s an evil. That’s not Casper the friendly ghost.”

While Bishop David Zubik, of the Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh, has never seen an exorcism or any demonic apparition, he says possession – though very rare – is also very real.

“We should be reassured that this is very…

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