Production Notes on Heist School:

When we shot the scene of Blake getting a swirlie, director Tristram Shapeero thought it would be cool to have a POV shot from inside the toilet. Since we couldn’t set up a camera in an actual toilet (for safety, hygiene, and logistical purposes) we had to rig up a toilet in the office parking lot. 



Name Andreu Buenafuente
Location Barcelona, Spain

Andreu Buenafuente is a comedian and host of the late-night talk show Buenafuente. He got his start in sports radio at age 17, then moved to television in 1992. In 2005, he debuted as host of his own show, Buenafuente, which broadcast 964 episodes over six seasons in Spain. Andreu also has been involved in theatre, film, and founded the production company El Terrat in 1989. His Tumblr blog provides an intimate look into his discoveries and inspirations.

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Clark went on a harrowing bulldog walk last weekend that lasted nearly 30 minutes and spanned fifteen blocks!

Some moments deserve more than one angle. That’s why we’re ecstatic to give Photosets a huge upgrade today, giving you new levels of control to tell your stories the way you want to.

1) Photoset photos now open in all their high-res glory on the Dashboard and on your blog.

2) You can now pick a layout for your photos to tell the right story.

3) Tumblr Themes can now make Photosets look and work any way you please with a host of new theme variables:

    <!-- Number of photos -->
    <!-- Integer representation of the layout -->
    <!-- JS array of the Photoset column counts -->
    <!-- Each of the Photoset photos -->
        {block:Exif} ... {/block:Exif}


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